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Here at All of Everybody we believe every child has the right to learn, grow, and be healthy. AOE is a behavioral services company that provides care to any family willing to seek and support a better life for their child. We emphasize teaching essential life skills, communication skills, and social skills in a fun and challenging manner. We also believe in incorporating nutrition, exercise, and sleep training with effective applied behavior analysis therapy. AOE sets itself apart by incorporating unconventional methods based upon applied behavior analysis principles in hopes of revolutionizing the field of behavioral therapy. 

What is applied behavior analysis therapy and why do we practice it?

ABA therapy changes behaviors of social significance by using researched and peer reviewed methods to increase important skills and decrease maladaptive behaviors. AOE utilizes ABA because of its proven efficacy and ability to adapt and help any child.

Couples Therapy

Parent Guidance

Parent guidance is administered by a BCBA and offers support, plans, and tools to help reach and maintain goals for you and your child/children.

Friendly Circle

Inclusive Play Groups

Play groups are open to neurotypical and atypical children in a safe and fun environment. Play groups teach important social skills guided by our certified staff.


Parent Recommended

These testimonials are provided by previous clients and kept anonymous for HIPAA compliance.


When we left our previous ABA agency and came to AOE, my son was having 4-5 self-injurious meltdowns a day, was waking up 4-5 times a night, and had no means of communication other than harmful behaviors.  We are seven months into therapy with AOE, and his self-injury is almost non-existent, he can point to what he wants and is starting to use an AAC device.  He is sleeping through the night- all because Haley took a college sleep course to help.  AOE changed my son's life, and therefore my family's lives.  They understand every client is an individual and their needs, boundaries, and approaches to therapy are different.  There are not enough words for how grateful we are to them."

Our severely autistic daughter has spent years working with Ms. Nicky. ABA was always positive and our daughter enjoyed working towards relevant goals. Our daughter is nonverbal but yet we always know who she connects with and Ms. Nicky was that special person."

Our experience with All of Everybody has been awesome from the very start. The whole team is extremely easy to communicate with and most of all is able to provide therapy hours that we were unable to get elsewhere. We could not be more pleased with our experiences with All of Everybody."


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